Current Lab Members

Amelia Hidalgo (2017)

Amelia Hidalgo is a senior majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. She hopes to attend medical school in the future and make a difference in the medical community. Outside of lab, Amelia is president of the Biomedical Ethics Club, member of the Why Liberal Arts Committee and a Quest Scholar. A native Texan, she enjoys spending time outdoors marveling at the change in seasons - especially the Berkshires’ beautiful fall colors! Pushing herself out of her comfort zone, she attended the Williams-Mystic maritime studies program and now has a new-found love for the ocean and sailing.  Next year, she will most likely be spending every waking moment working on her thesis.

                                                                       Olivia Clark (2017)

Olivia is a senior who is a Psychology and Art History double major, a Neuroscience concentrator, and is hoping to go to graduate school in Clinical Psychology. Outside of lab, Olivia spends most of her time in the pool on the varsity swim team, and also works in the Peer Health office as a peer counselor.  She is planning on pursuing a Psychology Independent Study under the guidance of Professor Williamson during her senior year, and continuing to help out wherever she can in the lab! 

Syed Hussain Ul Fareed Bukhari (2018)

When Hussain is not in the lab, he can be found nesting on one of the 'swivel' chairs behind the front desk at Schow. If not there, you shall find him staring wistfully out of the windows, questioning the winter and silently shaking his fist at it. Throughout all of this, he will cry a single tear out one of his eyes. This was something he mastered throughout years of high school debate and general drama. In all seriousness, he's probably studying, swimming, reading books about nihilism in Soviet Russia or case studies about "people whose heads don't work right."

                                                                         Anna Frey (2018)

Anna Frey is a junior studying biology and neuroscience.  When not in lab, she can also be found on a swivel chair in Schow with Hussain or swimming around in the pool playing Water Polo for Williams.  She loves baking and cooking, yoga, reading, running, Spotify, and NPR.  A passionate nerd, she will be spending the fall of 2016 in Hungary learning non-science things and looks forward to a thesis in 2017-2018.