Former Lab Members

Terrance Mensah (2017)

Terrance completed an honors thesis titled "Effects of central nervous system inflammation on contextual memory in mice" and graduated with Honors in Neuroscience. He was a Biology major in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. When he wasn't putting mice in boxes in lab, he was part of QuestBridge and Leaders Working, which are groups that seek to connect high-achieving low-income students to the nation's elite schools. He also served as the co-president of BSTEM (Black Students in STEM) this past year. This year, post-graduation, he will start a Master's at Cambridge University in the UK with the Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowship. He loves the brain and he plans to eventually specialize in neurosurgery when he becomes a physician! 

Lauren Claypoole (2016)
Lauren completed an honors thesis titled "The effect of neonatal inflammation on neural inflammation and anxiety behavior in selectively-bred rats" and graduated with Highest Honors in Neuroscience. She was a Psychology major with a concentration in Neuroscience. When she wasn't pipetting samples or petting rats in lab, she enjoyed working in the athletic training room, and leading the Williams Quilting Club. In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time outside swimming, hiking, reading, whatever it is that gets her in the sun! This year, post-graduation, Lauren is off to work for the next 2 years as a research coordinator in the Women's Mental Health Center in the Psychiatry Department at Massachusetts General Hospital, working with women of all ages

                                                              Kathryn McNaughton (2016)
Kathryn completed an honors thesis titled "Effects of sex and pro-inflammatory cytokines on context discrimination memory" and graduated with Highest Honors in Psychology. She was a Psychology and Biology double-major with a concentration in neuroscience. When not in lab, Kathryn competed as a member of the Williams College Cross Country and Track and Field teams and was one of their team captains through all 3 seasons this past year. She also volunteered in the local elementary school to spread her love of science to a future generation of scientists. Kathryn will spend the next 2 years as a Sara S. Sparrow Fellow in Clinical Neuroscience at the Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic at the Yale Child Study Center, working with children with autism spectrum disorders. 

                                                                 Jesse Rodriguez (2016)
Jesse worked on an independent project writing a textbook chapter about the relationship between the immune system and metabolism titled "Immunity and Metabolism: a bidirectional relationship." On campus, Jesse worked as a study skills coordinator and was the Newman Group treasurer. He tutored students at a local elementary school, and was a member of the athlete's bible study and pre-med club

Moneesha Rani Mukherjee (2015)

Rani Mukherjee worked on an independent project studying rats with experimental autoimmune encephalomyeltis (EAE), the rodent model of multiple sclerosis, during Spring 2015. When she was not in lab, you could find her dancing with Kusika, the Williams College African percussion and dance ensemble, or working on campus improvement projects for College Council. In her free time, she loves playing beach volleyball, hiking, going to concerts, and playing games like Chinese chess or Bananagrams. After finishing her post-baccalaureate pre-medical training at Goucher College, she is working for the Wilmer Eye Institute at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, bringing eye care to underserved populations. 

                                                                    Candice Dyce (2017)

Candice is a junior Biology major with a concentration in Neuroscience, on the premedical track. She also dedicates a lot of her time on campus competing on the varsity Track & Field team, specializing in triple jump and long jump field events. She is most actively involved in the campus Mental Health Committee and Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA) club. Off campus, she volunteers at the Williams College Children's Center to indulge her passion for working with children, as part of her pursuit of a Pediatric subspecialty in the medical field.

Mikaela Cordasco (2018)

Mikaela is a New York City native and a current sophomore at Williams College. You can also see her performing at the monthly Acoustic Alliance Coffeehouses. She is a potential Psychology and Economics double major